Ultra LS 5W/30

ULTRA LS 5W/30 is a full synthetic, LOW SAPS, super high performance engine oil which combines the latest development in oil formulation and additive technology to provide a lubricating oil with the highest level of protection.

GF Formula 10W/30

GF FORMULA All season, SAE 10W/30 using the latest synthetic technology oil for naturally aspirated and turbocharged petrol engines.

Premium S 10W/40

PREMIUM S 10W/40 is an ultra high-performance, SAE 10W/40 fuel economy lubricant based on synthetic technology for modern petrol engines with and without turbo-chargers.

Premium Universal 15W/50

PREMIUM UNIVERSAL 15W/50 All season, SAE 15W/50 oil for naturally aspirated and turbo-charged gasoline and diesel engines.

Formula 70 25W/70

FORMULA 70 A high performance, high viscosity engine oil for naturally aspirated gasoline and light commercial diesel engine is especially formulated to protect engines operating under heavy loads or harsh conditions, as well as older model and vintage cars. It may assist in reducing oil consumption in worn engines.