G plex LX grease

G plex LX grease is a superior quality multi-purpose grease, suitable for lubricating a wide range of plain or anti-friction bearings, gears and couplings in both automotive industrial and marine applications.

G plex 2000M Grease

G plex 2000M Grease is a premium, high temperature, high melting point, lithium complex NLGI 2 grease that has been designed to meet the demands of the most hostile grease applications and conditions. It is fortified with a combination of Molybdenum Disulphide, Graphite and other performance additive to provide extra protection against wear and tear.

CAS Anti sieze Grease

CAS Anti sieze Grease is a unique multi- purpose anti-seize compound designed to provide protection against corrosion and metal contact in a wide range of automotive, marine, industrial, workshop and domestic applications, particularly where very high temperatures are encountered. It is effective up to 800C due to the high Copper content.

Calsul Extreme Moly 5 Grease

Oiltech Calsul Extreme Moly5 is the highest performance extreme duty grease engineered to protect mining and earth moving mobile and stationary plant, operating under the most extreme and hostile conditions around the globe.

White Machinery Grease - F

White Machinery Grease – F is a multipurpose extreme pressure, premium quality NLGI No. 2 grease designed to lubricate machinery including canning equipment where incidental contact with the food may occur.