Gear 80W

GEAR 80W A manual transmission lubricant suitable for use in most manual transmissions where improved low temperature gear shift is required.

Gear Oil SS 75W/90

GEAR OIL SS 75W/90 Semi synthetic, multigrade, multipurpose, automotive gear oil with outstanding high temperature, high shear stability and performance, plus excellent low temperature fluidity.

Gear Oil SS 75W/140

GEAR OIL SS 75W/140 Semi synthetic multigrade, hypoid automotive gear oil with outstanding high temperature, high shear stability and performance, plus excellent low temperature fluidity for conventional differentials.

Gear Syn 50

Gear Syn 50A fully synthetic manual transmission lubricant for extended drain and severe service application in heavy duty manual transmissions in trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Gear Syn 75W/90 & 75W/140

Fully synthetic gear/limited slip oils with sulphur phosphorus extreme pressure (EP) additives, which offer excellent high temperature and high load performance combined with very good low temperature fluidity properties.

They are designed to meet the severe lubrication requirements of modern car and truck axles and gears, even after the high mechanical shearing encountered in hypoid and other severe automotive gear applications.

Gear Oil LS90 & LS140

Gear Oil LS90 & LS140 Limited Slip (LS) hypoid gear oil highly stressed normal and limited slip differentials in cars, vans, trucks, buses, tractors, construction and industrial machinery.

Titan Gear Syn 75140

Titan Gear Syn 75140 A fully synthetic hypoid gear oil for highly stressed, conventional and Limited Slip (LS) differentials as well as other crown wheel and pinion gears, steering mechanisms in vehicles and industrial machinery.

Industrial Gear Oil TechIEP 68

Industrial Gear Oil TechIEP 68 Modern multi-use lubricants for the widest range of industrial gearing. Based on clean gear sulfur / phosphorus EP additives to give minimum gear wear, maximum load carrying capacity, corrosion protction and outstanding resistance to high temperature sludging.

SGL Industrial Gear Oil

SGL Industrial Gear Oil a high performance synthetic oil designed with a high viscosity index combine Polyalpholefin (PAO) base oil and Ester fluids to provide outstanding protection to a wide variety of gear and bearing application, plus trouble free oil life in high and low temperatures, beyond the capabilities of mineral oils.

BioTech EP

BioTech EP oils are readily biodegradable extreme pressure gear lubricants designed to replace mineral industrial gear oils and mobile plant gear oils within AGMA EP ratings.