Oiltech Diesel

Oiltech Fuel's Diesoline is a special purpose light distillate fuel for use in high speed diesel engines (i.e. those operating at greater than 800 rpm), in services involving frequent and relatively wide variations in loads and speeds. It is used in automotive (both on and off road) and industrial applications. Oiltech Fuel's Diesoline is formulated to deliver adequate lubricity, to help protect fuel pumps and injectors from wear. The cloud point is controlled on a regional and seasonal basis to for the purposes of delivering operability across Australia. Oiltech Diesoline is an Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel fuel. The sulphur content is controlled to less than 10 mg/kg,  Oiltech Fuel's Diesoline is produced to conform to the Australian Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 (Cth) (with cold properties controlled by Australian Standard AS3570 – 1998).

Oiltech Unleaded

Oiltech Unleaded E10 Petrol is a high quality unleaded petrol that is formulated with 10% ethanol. This fuel will have a minimum octane of 91 in compliance with federal legislation, but the octane rating will typically be around 94 as a result of the addition of 10% ethanol to the unleaded petrol.

2 Stroke Fuel - 50:1